Thai Cooking Methods

The authentic Thai food cooking is always a great challenge for all Thai chefs and cooks. The secret of preparing an excellent Thai dish lies in the preparation of the ingredients. It takes a lot of time to arrange the ingredients in preparing Thai food than in actual cooking. If you are using wok, you should be extra cautious. Thai cooking is usually very fast and also furious. Thai stir fries are cooked in high heat and for a short time period. In this type of cooking the important ingredients remain in the food such as vegetables containing vitamin remain intact and it enhances the food value. Thai cooking is usually done in a simple manner. Previously clay pot utensil and natural wood were used in Thai cooking. Now a day they are using gas, microwave oven, glass utensil and many more advanced things but the excellent taste of Thai food remain the same as before. Some of the simple cooking methods are discussed as below:

: Boiling is regarded as an important part of Thai cooking. Soups and curries are famous all over Thailand. ‘Tom Yam Goong’ is a good example of boiled Thai food.

Grilling: Thai people love to consume fresh seafood and grilled meats. The taste enhances if the grilled foods are dipped into ‘Nam Phrik’ i.e. sweet and sour flavored dips.

Stir Fry: This method of Thai food cooking has been influenced from China. Though stir fried dishes are common in all over Thailand still ‘pad thai’ demands special attention.

Salads: Salad is always specially dressed in Thai style. ‘Yam’ is kind of salad which is very famous in Thailand. simple ingredients like lemon juice, fish sauce, salt, garlic, chili, and also shallot are used to garnish it in a lucrative way. Some of the popular salads of Thailand are pork salad, beef salad, shrimp salad, and papaya salad.

Stews: Thai monarchs were educated in western country like Europe and brought back the western culture as well as the western taste in food. One of such imported dish in Thailand is known as stew. Thai people love eating beef tongue stew.

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